Christopher Tate
Christopher Tate

Gospel recording artist Chris Tate joined us in 2002. Actually he was an answer to prayer. At that time the prison required an outside sponsor to be present at every inmate activity. In 2001 the men wanted to start a choir and asked me to sponsor them. I agreed although I have zero musical or vocal skills. One of the inmates acted as choir director however there was much bickering among the members. They would argue over the song selection as well as who would sing solos. Finally I pulled the leader aside and we prayed for God to send someone who could direct and develop the team. two days later I received a letter from an inmate at another prison. In that letter was the contact information for a minister who had performed at that institution. I called Chris and in spite of his demanding schedule has been an integral part of our ministry. you can check out his website at: Chris Tate Ministries

Brian Douglass

Rev. Brian Douglass has been a part of the Set Free team since 1998. He came to us with a vision to plant a church inside a maximum security prison. His faithfulness and dedication to to this cause led to the formation of Agape Fellowship, A Spirit led church governed by the inmates themselves.

His focus now is on the re-entry phase of the returning to society believer. Being a state licensed master plumber with numerous contacts with in the skilled trades, he assist in job training and placement. Maintaining fellowship is key for the success of these brothers and sisters.


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