Our Vision

Agape_logo       The U.S. Bureau of Justice has completed two recidivism studies revealing that approximately two-thirds of those released from prison were subsequently rearrested within three years. These re-arrests generate significant costs to society in terms of victimization and in terms of the cost to prosecute and supervise these repeat offenders. More than 600,000 prisoners nationwide, (15,000 here in Maryland), return home each year and a large number of these prisoners are released to communities that are already challenged by high unemployment and poverty rates.

The good news is that inmates who regularly attend church service and participate in activities such as Bible study are less likely to return to prison. Several independent studies have varying results ranging from 14 to 22 percent, however it should be noted that these successes were primarily due to continued church involvement upon release. We strongly encourage the local church body to actively seek out and receive those who are re-entering society.

We are praying for the lord’s guidance and provision to purchase a small farm in a rural location. “The Agape House of Refuge” will be a place for anyone who needs a roof over their head and hope in their heart.. More than just transitional housing, but a place that also offers life training. Being in a rural setting has innumerable benefits to both the residents and society.

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